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OneHive Labs Base Building – EP6 | Clash of Clans

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  1. I think the first base was designed purposely to troll as it didn't follow any guidelines for making an anti 3 ??

  2. not even a minute in and i already love this video THANK YOU SO MUCH qw are my achilles heel :(

  3. Wow guys, this series is just what I needed. Thanks a lot! I thought I had made good anti-3 bases with all the tips from other channels but this series gave just amazingly deeper look into building those. One thing I would absolutely love is showing the whole process behind building a base from scratch with a commentary. That would help a ton because the hardest part for me in building a base is that I can't really decide where to start the building from and how to continue. It's really frustrating to use like 5 hours building a base and after that realize this won't work. I usually end up giving up and deleting the whole thing. If you decide to do that you could actually use that base in a war and upload the video after retiring the thing. Cheers from Finland and sorry for my bad English.

  4. Hey man thank you so much for ur awesome Videos love them so much especially about basebuilding :)