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OneHive Labs Slay My Base Review – Ep1 | Clash of Clans

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  1. One thing I noticed about the first base is that the tesla farm also has that ground xbow and archer tower shooting, so that's 6 point defense in range of an aq, forcing probably a rage and an ability, which makes an aq walk from there less valid from their than what the two of you were suggesting, possibly, but great vid, I already love this series!

  2. We just had a really tough war but it took 3 attacks to 3 star my base, it looks like the next one is gonna be tough too. Do I need to change or is it good to keep? Thx wiser & Kadijk. Great video guys, keep it up ?

  3. Awesome video! Keep it up

  4. By far my favorite series. Only videos I watch (no offense, everything else gets repetitive)

  5. Great concept. Ty for these kind of vids

  6. Awesome tips, thankyou guys! I just submitted my 9.5 base and I hope you can find some time for it in a future vid 🙂 thanks!!

  7. Hey wiser, have fun doing another recap of us, got matched with invicta ?

  8. Awesome stuff, guys! I loved this!

  9. where do we submit

  10. Tyvm kadijk n wiser for showing my base (2nd one). I've been using this base for a couple of months n it does defend good . Ill consider doing the changes. Love the videos n content keep it up ?

  11. Kadijk/Wiser, should I send my base again (adding explanation of the thought process and stuff) after an episode?
    Anyways, keep it up! (I'm ketchupplant :D)

  12. Stealing this base lmao

  13. Can we submit TH8 bases?