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OneHive Labs Slay My Base Review – Ep10 | Clash of Clans

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  1. Hey Wiser! Nice job with cleaning my base even when everything didnt went like in your plan! I've took this screen a while ago and made some more little adjustments in the QC and some springs because I've noticed the same like kadjik did with those at 3 'o clock. Maybe I should tell that this base was hit by 3 9' from We are spartans before it got nuked then in the FPC UK vs WAS war. Many thanks go out to you and Kadjik because I always want to improve my basebuilding and yous giving pretty good tips for what to consider in future bases. Keep up the great work man 'Im looking forward to the next SMB !
    Muffin fc [Wanted 1.0]

  2. i loved the slay my base series before and I'm loving this new one even more!! Thank you so much for the vid! :)

  3. good new stuff!
    What about sending in two base pics now with the new ingame editor? Attacker POV (no traps) and defender POV (with traps). You show it first without the traps and let Kadijk guess where the bombs/traps are. Then show it with and slay it 😉
    It would add more knowledge for players to attack/scout bases like these and also let builders see how obvious and predictable their bases are.

  4. i really appreciate these kind of vids! thank uou

  5. Thank you for these good Videos:)

  6. Cool inclusion of your attack! It just adds more nice stuff for us viewers to watch and learn from! Keep it up!

  7. That was EPIC. I LOVE the new format

  8. When I The Notification That There Is A New Slay My Base Vid i crack a huge smile…Ty For The Vid Guys…Keep Up The Good Work❤❤❤

  9. What are your thoughts on putting a couple traps closer to the queen since there seems to be a shift, especially with valkyries, to taking care of the queen mid raid?

  10. Nice… I really like the friendly challenge addition to this series.. it gets a Lot more interesting and fun

  11. nice video

  12. Side note – Kadijk hit the base again right after we were done, dropped the wbs a second earlier broke in successfully and got the tree star!