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OneHive Labs Slay My Base Review – Ep13 | Clash of Clans

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  1. Love series so much

  2. do you think it's possible to send me an anti 2 star trophy base please for th9?

  3. great video! I like how informative you guys are.

  4. Where can I send a base?

  5. laughed when kad went yolo with last hound&loons

  6. thank you for these vids. hopefully u can do th8, th10 and th11 in the future. very informative!

  7. I built the first base Kad, thanks for the kind words!
    (Original version did not have Both sweepers in one direction!) Blame Wiser for changing the one in dead space!!! Originally pointed towards the 2 builder huts comp

  8. rly like this series ! keep going, awesome for base design concept