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OneHive Prime vs Kara Heroes War

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  1. I want my 40 heroes :D

  2. Awesome attack by Onehive Prime..

  3. Dat attack on #3 was insane!

  4. Arranged wars have the best attacks

  5. Nice war

  6. Was that last base actually trolling for suicide dragons, or just trying to defend it? Either way, it got absolutely rolled.

  7. Number 11 has partially th8 def but max Xbows? I don't get it, not even a good 8.5…

  8. Nice to see Prime winning that arranged war :)

  9. I love Aslan's pre-funnel for BK.

  10. Aslan Sexy attack :O

  11. Aslan rekt a TH10 and had 2 spells left, dang. What a beast.

  12. nice

  13. onehive prime guys are beast too… keep it up.

  14. nice vid jake. keep it up.

  15. nice attacks. specially aslan's . anyway 2*s win wars…

  16. cool war

  17. Very nice war and good win for Onehive prime 🙂 Thanks for the recap!

  18. wow a swag freeze and haste … wrecked ?

  19. my friend used to be in Kara Heroes, he left cuz he said he got too busy lol

  20. very nice!