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OneHive Prime War Recap vs Immoral Thieves

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  1. why do you never mention when your clan wins because yall had a townhall advantage but when you lose to a disadvantage thats the first thing that comes spewing out ya mouth

  2. whr the mrs.jake video ?

  3. can you do th10 anti 3 star base and thanks.

  4. 12:01 what triggered the air traps in the core?

  5. Also good to mention the th disadvantage on thieves side…. Good war though. Thieves are having troubles right now hence the 9's not being cleared

  6. congrats Prime… would love to see an arranged!

  7. IWF represent!

  8. Jake, we need to get an AW on the books. Our 9s were just not good on this day unfortunately, and props to OH Prime for good base design, getting it done and evening the war score between our clans. OHP bases were solid, and our 9s had an off day. Our 10/11s completely dominated, but with 10 TH9s left uncleared by our 9s we found ourselves in a terrible jam. The TH11 advantage Prime had and the underperformance by our 9s was just too much to overcome. Would love another shot in an arranged, even match– tie breaker!

  9. I swear Jake said immortal thieves

  10. I continue to love these warcaps, nice job Jake

  11. Great win my fellow Primates !!!! <3333
    Jake beat me to the vid but it's all love in the Hive!


  12. lel wtf why jake whyyyyyy

  13. Got a 99% today…i'm really mad :(

  14. Got a 99% today…i'm really mad :(

  15. You can tap buildings in a replay?!

  16. i have a doubt, in all the valks attack that i saw with one/two golems i have noticed that the golems are preatty useless. the valks goes straight in their path and the golems simply do not tank at all. (maybe only in the funnelling process) i think that the "aq walk vahog" is better, what do you tink about? i'm open to a discussion
    p.s. i'm trying with no golem and it feels better

  17. Did anyone else notice his talking was ahead of the video… its killing me. hes talking about wall breakers coming but it doesnt happen in the video for likr 5 more seconds. at some parts the video is behind.

  18. great win prime. hopefully we can get a rematch soon. really was not our war this time

  19. Someday u gonna have more sub than pewdiepie

  20. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Nice win OH Prime!!

  21. The first base could have been 3 starred by a th11 laloon.