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OneHive vs ByeForever (CWL Week 4) | Clash of Clans

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  1. It's really cool that you not only respond to comments, but you put a lot of thought into your responses, just as you do your commentary. It's not just a play-by-play. Kept up the great work and stop being so self-deprecating!

  2. what th9 base from byeforever do you think was the toughest?

  3. Awesome hit on my base, just made that for this war too haha awesome job guys, loved the intro to your vid too ?

  4. awesome!

  5. after Jake quit being the host of one hive war recaps I had stopped following, but now thanks to you again enjoying them. thanks for the recap. god bless.. Cheers!!

  6. "The strength of the HPV," LMFAO. couldnt of had a funnier slip up.

  7. yes ur right, i wanted them to go to the core. but i didnt wb the first layer (i forgot honestly) so they went to the wrong spot because the builder hut was pulling them there. when i decided to drop them all i made the mistake to drop them all in the corner and they ran around…. but hey, good showcase on what 40/40 does to 86k :D

  8. what's the relations with one hive,one hive genesis, one hive 2.0 ect???

  9. man. you sound sick. still a nice recap. 😀 . gl next week

  10. I'm first so I have to think of a joke

    Donald Trump