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OneHive vs JCM w/ Update Thoughts (Random) | Clash of Clans

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  1. It's fun to compare CWL stats with "casual" groups. I'm in Noble Hero (Clash Files Family) – we're solid, but we rarely clear 9s. Our th9 hit rate is closer to 20-30 percent against legit clans like Cold September. I wonder if our hit rate will increase as we place greater emphasis on lavaloon? Keep rockin Brutus, love the content and the background baby!

  2. You know who is complaining about th9 beeing broken??
    The th9's nabs gowipers who tryed golaloon or gobolaloon and failed 39-40% zero stars. Simple as that!!!!
    Same sh!t with every game! Crybabies will cry no matter what!!!

  3. Agree with you! Folks complaining about loons in th9 should fix their bases, keep setting both xbows on ground and i'll keep crushing with loons, dragons.. Update is great for all townhalls…

  4. Thank you! An objective, well thought out and well spoken opinion on the state of the game that actually utilizes logic and leaves emotion out of your view of what is going on. I wish there were more like you out there man. Loving all of your content buddy, keep it up :)

  5. Nice video, love your thoughts on this. I agree th9 is a little easier now, but its not a given 3 either. Keep it up!

  6. Awesome video Brutus, really love hearing your thoughts! Do videos like this more often.. actually, you do it in all your videos already, so just keep up the great work!

  7. Amen KB???

  8. what do you think about the ice wizard in clash of clans and do you have a tactic for it?

  9. I know I left th9 because of how easy it was. idk how people still struggle with it.

  10. th9 just need to die already

  11. what do you think about engineered clans….they mess up my clan's war streak after every 5-6 wars we win

  12. Totally agree with ya

  13. I agree with you. we are seeing anti air bases with all air bows,air larry traps, bases where loon pathing is tricky etc. more air troops in clan castles. but i really don't like the current compact design base building meta. it takes the new loons no time to path from one defence to another, sometimes u don't even need spells to help them as long as there is enough tankage,coz loons drop bombs much quicker now of course. i already tested some more spread out bases in FCs, i believe they are harder to take down with lalo. also, i think the freeze trap should stay in the game. and supercell should change it a bit coz currently it doesn't work well against air units. A new trap would help balance the game. and my last point – loons are very strong but definitely not too strong and the isn't dead. i saw some people who r not good at lalo or haven't played with it in a long time or just started practising. u cant spam the loons and get a 3, like people do when farming

    Ow and guys pentagon and quadraloon attacks are so quick now and u don't need much clean up. i think they should change that somehow. with air it shouldn't be easy to clean up the base and raids shouldn't be so fast

  14. awesome video brother. refreshing to hear some positive thoughts on things.

  15. fpc ogay represent

  16. plz bro help me

  17. hey can I have some bowlers plz its emergency I need them for war

  18. Your baby is so sad about th9 loons

  19. miss you jake?