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OneHive VS North Remembers : FC SCRIM Recap :: Clash Of Clans

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  1. My clan is weak but the heart we have is heavy and we don't quit.

  2. Fatty is one funny guy with Col Mustard on the North podcast

  3. weird pocket want

  4. Great video enjoyed it a lot

  5. intro music?

  6. Interesting, Entertaining, fun. Good idea here and well shouted!

  7. Yes because it would make perfect sense for supercell to make a update to make it easier for people to host events like this, because a update to help people break the terms of service, would be awesome, use you're brain ash, still love the channel but come on man

  8. Going for one hive, they have a guy from Indiana ?

  9. Join my new clan on coc its called HogPro and if u search it theres only 2 clans and im the one with the most people in it

  10. great episodes. supercell needs to allow heroes for friendly challenges. my clan has challenge Sunday's but many of us have a hero down. friendly challenges would be great if we could use our heroes regardless of upgrades. isn't that the point of friendly challenge?

  11. LOL Favorite attack: Sideways BONER and BONER

  12. Ash can you tell me what app you use for screen recording ?
    And I love you man, You really thought me everything I know with these vids…Keep up the good work ! :)

  13. on arranged wars it would be cool to have a ground war setting air war setting and mix setting ;)


  15. Thanks for organizing this Ash. It was lot's of fun to watch! Non-stop action.

  16. If Any One Can Make my Day By Just Checking out my Chammel it will make my day its called "its rjo"

  17. Awesome event Ash! It has sure been one of the more memorable evenings in my clash history ;)

  18. Ash, thanks for setting this up. It was a lot of fun to watch the stream last night. As for your friendly challenge comments, it seems like all of it would be handled if you got a war match against your own clan. troops in a war CC are always there, heroes are always up, and all the bases are there as long as the war is on. Everything Supercell needs to do this is already in the system.

  19. i love the idea, ash. it's creative :D

  20. Gotta get PB and WHF involved at some point please.. Thnx..Peace..