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OneHive War #275

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  1. How do farming clans work?

  2. How do farming clans work?

  3. Anyone know if jake will be covering the th9 tourney?

  4. Anyone know if jake will be covering the th9 tourney?

  5. Kimchi! Adobo! Balut! ;)

  6. Jake has never replied to me 🙂 anyways I always enjoy your content

  7. Coffee and Clash Question: Do you think they will do anything to nerf the poison spell? It has ruined the integrity of the clan castle kill in an attack, and the only troops immune to it are golems and lavahounds. An idea could be to change it so that it doesn't to damage, just slows the attack speed of the CC troop. Thanks for reading! Your vids have helped me be a consistent 6 star war guy in my clan.

  8. Yo jake u should do more arrange match ups its pretty dope when the score its gonna come down to the wire !!!! Yea I would see more th11s against th10s. about the arrange match ups its more exciting to see

  9. Always enjoying watching your videos.

  10. It's a Laboratory not a spell factory lel

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  12. Hey jake! Love your videos!

  13. First

  14. HI JAKE