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OneHive War #277

Some really nice 3 star hits from our latest war. Hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy the show. Check out my Patreon page and help support …


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  1. I think I love you Jake. You're vids are the best Xmas present.
    Few Questions:
    1) The right number is 4 Healers for the Queen?
    2) If one used Bot, then he will not have a chance to join OH?
    3) Which are in order the first troops TH9 you would raise?
    4) TH8.5 is really helpful or is useless?

    Thanks for answers, merry Christmas, love from Italy.

  2. Hi, guys, we want to organize duel with you, my clan is ДРУЖИНА LIGHT (#2C2QQV2), if you interested, where we can discuss details? line or bindle

  3. More great attacks!

  4. Yeah the first replay was a max th10 with the new th11 defenses, and when a th11 has a grand warden on defense it is a statue that shoots stuff. So he did have it

  5. Visual glitch at 6:45. Jump spell is dropped, but it disappears.

  6. Jake you showed a GoWipe…?

  7. Merry Christmas.

  8. Merry Christmas Jake!

  9. first time i see a decent 3 star by gowipe on this channel LOL

  10. Watch what noah does with the lavahound at the end of the attack, its just beauty. He lures it away from his dragons with wizzards so the dragons won't target it, destroy it and get damaged. I like those small things :)

  11. Alpha Gill had an awesome gowipe


  12. merry christmas

  13. Does anyone knows what is it needed for someone to do a tryout in OH? I got a maxed out defense th9, royals 23/30, only 50 walls remaining to go to level 10. Thanks if anybody can help me!

  14. gowipw three star ona town hall 10 featured on Jake's channel?

  15. ahahah the funniest queen walk ever by noah, he dropped a healer after the queen died but his queen did everything

  16. Nice war getting th11s in.

  17. Next time, please could you show us some two stars and how they could improve because that will help us to learn

  18. he use mods ?

  19. 7:15 How did bk golem and pekka jump over that wall?

  20. Awesome