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OneHive War #280 Announcements

SC killed my replays, sorry guys but the outcome of the war and a few quick announcements for you guys. Check out my Patreon page and help support the …


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  1. What are the odds its wipes out all raids for a amazing close war … cries

  2. Hey jake hope you have a great new year!!

  3. I don't see the kamcord channel link in the description

  4. Elite 8 video soon?

  5. Dang! That sucks that there are no replays to show!

  6. iPad!

  7. too bad T_T

  8. What clans participated in the FairPlay war?


  10. #2 stars win wars #free ipad

  11. love announcements

  12. 2 stars do win wars, they won the war in this case lol. #moltmath

  13. Jake it's all good man, keep the recaps coming!

  14. kamcord is not good stream on twitch plz

  15. Wait… Same amount of three stars… 2 stars actually did win this war! Can't wait to see some streams, good luck!

  16. Love it channel keep it up

  17. too bad on the video wipe, didn't see a wipe on in our clan

  18. just came back from the stream :)

  19. When did he announce giveaway? Also, Jake, shame replays got lost, but we appreciate that you made this video to tell us, keep good work up!

  20. Probably the worst war to have the replays erased from. RIP