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OneHive War #281

Some awesome 3 star attacks from our latest war with sever TH10 attacks. Hope you guys enjoy. Check out my Patreon page and help support the channel as …


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  1. Coffee and a Clash Question: On Predator's attack, you referred to his queen as "just level 35". Considering that this is only 5 levels from maxed, what do you consider a high level queen?! ;-)

  2. Finaly!

  3. That second queen walk was ludicrous

  4. :D

  5. Is it hard to hunt for you guys? my clan is about to have a special 250 war win and we need a good clan to face. Do you have any recommendations when to search for you guys?

  6. I'm early lemme think of a joke,

    NoteWorthyGames upload schedule ???

  7. Fifth

  8. Great War!

  9. Bloody hell how are you guys so sick at war!??

  10. Hey Jake!

  11. 4th! XD