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OneHive War #282 Part 1

Some awesome 3 star attacks from the OH side of our recent family scrim. Hope you guys enjoy and tune in tomorrow for part 2 and the Prime attacks. Check out …


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  1. Jake- coffee and clash Q: I want to try an arranged war. Not sure if you've answered this but how is it done?

  2. I have been gone for a while since when has blue proud been at onehive?

  3. awesome attacks 1.0!

  4. thanks for not uploading this new supercell game!

  5. Boyzz RWCS clans r challenging u..Im a RWCS member of clan Greenseers

  6. Jake whichs the Best Fair Play War Clan Family?

  7. Carnage's attack was inspirational…..

  8. Hey Jake!!! I've been a sub for about a year and a half (also recently a patreon) and I absolutely love the content and fully support the channel. I was wondering if you would ever consider doing other things with bigger youtubers (arranged wars/challenges etc.) I know witelightingHWD and Clash with Cam are organizing an arranged war and it sounds pretty sick. Unfortunately, cam's clan (BarbariaNParty) is a pretty hardcore FP war clan so it won't be much of a challenge for them. If you reached out to Cam and set up an arranged war with them, your subscriber count would skyrocket and it would be really fun to watch considering it may turn it to be a close war. I know that one of your former members (LOKI) actually went over to BarbariaNParty to help out with some th10 three stars, so not quite about Onehive's relationship with BarbariNParty. Bottom Line is I think it would be pretty neat and really fun to watch. Love the vids, keep up the good work!!!

  9. You should make better tumbnails

  10. Warren…you lucky bastad

  11. Jake make a video on your opinion on the new Supercell game Clash royale

  12. Beast attacks 

  13. 20min war recap against Prime? Wait a sec, just grabbin myself some snacks…. :3

  14. I don't think jake would start making a video for "Clash Royale". That new game doesn't have enough strategy. SC should put their head together in clash of clan rebalancing.

  15. hey Jake ! i like to watch your video, especially The "OneHive War Recap".
    I have one question for you or someone who know this.. how do you arranged war with a specific clan ?
    Thanks :)

  16. Wasn't Blu3pr0ud in WHF?

  17. You see Jake, all that hate for the two star guys and here you go… A Two star winning you the war. hahahaha

  18. There are th 8,5 in your clan?

  19. Awesome war! So much fun!

  20. I love the refrence at the end about molt haha "I guess 2 stars win wars" ~jake from onehive