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OneHive War #284

Some salvaged replays from our latest war. Lost quite a few to the little update but still some very nice attacks. Hope you guys enjoy. Check out my Patreon page …


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  1. that score tho. LOL

  2. RIP David Bowie

  3. which is the application that you plan the attacks?

  4. Good to have you back Jake. Especially with some th10 stuff. #Jake4SuperCellSpokesman

  5. really want to 3* like your th10's

  6. 78 attacks 2 stars LMAO

  7. Replays TH7, TH8 and TH9, subs! =]

  8. I know you read the comments so I thought I'd let you know why you're losing a long time subscriber today. I love your videos but I've fallen completely out of love with the game and recently quit. Your videos and the competitive scene it opened me up to made Clash one of the most enjoyable games I've played until the unfortunate nature of some of the recent updates. Thanks for everything Jake!

  9. C&C. Hi Jake, big fan of your work for the war community, also I just applied for OH Alpha and it's going great…

    My question is, if someone of the clan is a hogger (like me) it is supposed that he should never tried a golaloon or something similar?

  10. hey jake when are you doing the war recap of onehive vs lexcorp?

  11. Hey guys is the method of calculating war weight still the same (Gold storage capacity times 4 plus 1000). Or has it changed due to the th now being a storage and now having it worth as gold storage times 5?

  12. Hey Jake I just failed an attack because the healer archer on the defensive lava hound strat was patched, what do you think about the lack info coming into the community… I've been thinking of quitting tbh it's really sad

  13. Hey jake great content as always,I just became part of a Onehive clan, and your videos mean a lot to it!

  14. Im not sure if Im dropping healers far enough in my queen walks, but I thought they were already at the max effective distance and somehow the healers almost always fly into air defense fire anyways. But then again, my targets are Th10s and Im a 9. Hmmmm…. do I have to drop them not straight behind or….? (FYI for some reason whenever Im in war (27/22KQ), my clan has to deal with extra TH10s bc we are matched with gowipe clown clans and all of their 9s have sub 12/12 KQ)

  15. Coffee and clash question: What do you think the best way for a high level th 9 like myself is to prepare for going to th 10 once I finish upgrading my king aq is already lvl 30?

  16. A$aps attacks are insane. How is he that confident that his queen will get all the stuff he wants and he always has such a small killsquad but it seems that it always works out perfectly…

  17. Hey guys, I had a question and wanted to see if anyone could better inform me. So I want to upgrade my second account (th8) to a th 8.5. I want to know what I can upgrade and what I can't in order for it to be considered a 8.5 per war matchmaking. I know not to put the extra buildings I get, but can I still get the Queen and and traps? And can I upgrade my current defenses up to th9 standards? What about walls? Thanks in advance.

  18. My clan recently collapsed and I was looking for a new clan. Where can I find one?

  19. I liked the th 10/11 attacks, seems to be hope for war balance at that level with a tweak or two in favor of the attacker.

  20. Any changes to your mic recently? It seems to be a little rough and high.

  21. Hi guys this is not me telling you to sub to me, in my coc clan we are recruiting for 2 family clans. if you are intrestied please check out my latest video and look at the description for all the details on requirements.


  22. Supercell needs to make war bonuses like multiplayer bonuses. That would effectively eliminate these bs farming clans.

  23. play this at 2 times speed…thank me later

  24. GOWIPE 3 stars on th10. Good plan, well executed. Thought you weren't a fan of this attack!?

  25. How does onehive get matched up with clans that have good base layouts all the time? Do they send base designers to the enemy clan so that they can have a challenge? If he has dressed this before can you tell me where. Or if you know just let me know.

  26. Woo 3 vids

  27. I had to watch the introduction several times because I thought Jake said 'fucking'…just me?

  28. It sounds like you are talking in front of a fan^^. Nice attacks, a usual, thanks :)