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OneHive War #286

Some nice 3 star attacks from our latest war including some TH10 3 star raids. Hope you guys enjoy and hopefully we will have a competitive war soon.


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  1. 380th :3

  2. best news of this recap: New death of a town hall 10!!!! Not saying the video wasn't great, I loved it ofcourse, but I just love death of a th10 videos. freakin beautiful.

  3. Hah only Lego walls? Fuck off Jake, those things take months and months and months to get to

  4. I have really been failing my air attack, have max th8 and I keep failing with dragons, Hogs I have been with sucess, but I fail whit the doublw giant bomb, great video

  5. CACQ: What's your full name Jake?

  6. 4th!

  7. #CoffeeandClash first….lol…go on with that jake great vids love it!
    Can you show some strats for th9 to 3 star th9s with high heros…but with low heros maximum 15/15.
    sending love from germany your buddy maximm

  8. first!!

  9. First yo