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OneHive War #287 TH10 Episode

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  2. My clan just warred them

  3. We already have 5 or so feeders with 1 being a war clan. But its so cool to do this.

  4. I got the leader of my farming clan to check you guys out. I have been wanting to war for forever but i finally did it.

  5. Coc question: how many th10s and 11s are OH up to? Is it weird seeing the war map slowly lose its th9s?

  6. can we see some town hall 10 hogs

  7. We need supercell to hear out voice, eyy? Also i feel bad for gill. We could have heard his opinion.

  8. Hey Jake any way you can do a speedbuild of your farming/trophy base? Looks pretty cool and I'd love to make it and try it out.

  9. another nice vid jake. u guys r making it look so easy lol

  10. what is up guys this is jake from OH here is a war hmhmhmh what is up guys here is a war recap.. finally made it xD

  11. You were saying max archer towers when they were only level 12 not 13.

  12. Good chanel jake 

  13. the quality is not that good for youtube on phone

  14. wtf man, why isn't alpha gill in this episode???… Oh wait. lol

  15. Lmao the start??

  16. 0:59
    Jake spitting out them dirty bars xD

  17. Lol

  18. Red line 5hrs ago..

  19. is that a loss by 5 stars that i am seeing on the war log

  20. To be honest regarding Gill we should've seen it coming. I mean, she's a female and she 3-starred. Unless there was a brain enlargement surgery involved it just doesn't add up.

  21. Nice recap Jake xD

  22. You know you're early when it's still in 360p.

  23. honestly do you guys think that that xmod users do it because they think its not fair we have to use multiple attacks? I personally hate xmod because it is cheating but…

  24. 2:18 isn't that a lv4 xbow? He must be really tired making all those videos.

  25. 14:30 so much deja vu here, didn't he attack this exact same base in the exact same manner in some other video?
    The balloons left at the end going after the inferno felt like a familiar scenario too…

  26. Alpha GILL :(

  27. Hi jake


  29. what is up guys, Jake from onehive here with… another… what is up guys Jake from onehive here with another war recap video. lol that was funny! love the vids man keep it up!

  30. hey jake nice video 😀 why 360p?

  31. Great video as always jake!

  32. lost to emphatic elite??

  33. those are not max archer towers jake :)

  34. Bit of an editing messup at the beginnning ;P

    Even so, looking forward to it!

  35. Hi there,
    Great video, I applied to join your clan(OH genesis). They said it will take 3-4 weeks which is soo stupid as everyone needs a clan asap and thats a long time period. Any way to give tryouts fast?! Im a max TH8(500warstars).

  36. Ali is early
    Ali didn't say he was first
    Ali is smart


  37. You lost from matthy

  38. Sweet bud! ;-)

  39. first

  40. 1st