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OneHive War #288 Emphatic Elite

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  1. Hey Jake Coffee and Clash Question: I've been seeing a lot of mini max bases lately and was wondering what is your opinion on them? Also, would OneHive ever see a mini max in the clan? Keep up the entertaining videos.


  3. can you explain how you found out that alpha gill is modding?

  4. no comment on alpha gill getting exposed as a modder? it clearly influenced the outcome.

  5. Pretty sure vanaris mods

  6. hey man keep up the good content I love your videos !!

  7. Do you guys consider booting any of your th10s? You guys always lose due to them.

  8. im guessing Gill was your main hitter, hence why you didn't get th10/11 triples, rip

  9. Well done Jake, nice Video.

  10. And I'm pretty sure that infernos negate all healing. The multi just doesn't do enough damage.

  11. Guys make the screen full and type "awesome."

  12. when can I join onehive

  13. vcs sao tops

  14. Wish I could attack like the worst player I. Either of these clans and I'd be best in my clan lol

  15. I relly Like your clan! Good war!

  16. so now its 2 to 1 huh?
    onehive: 2
    Emphatic Elite: 1

  17. Nothing like a good arranged war. Genesis hasn't had one on a while, and the random wars have been especially brutal lately.

  18. ??