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OneHive War #289

Some nice 3 star attacks form our latest war. Hope you guys enjoy the TH10 and TH9 3 stars. Check out my Patreon page and help support the channel as well …


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  1. it was nice seeing something other than loons used to three star th10.

  2. "Unleash The … Lava hound" haha 🙂 Almost the kracken :')

  3. Tried to unsub from hulk and unsubbed from you by accident.NOOOOOOOOOOO MY MONTHS ARE GOOOONE

  4. "…against always win. Uhh… This one they did not win"
    Haha that roast

  5. onehive you should do defenses replays.

  6. 3:09 "One more swag. Boom."

  7. RWCS is the biggest n strongest clan war family in the world.

  8. Good video as always. Keep it up man! ?

  9. I want to see a rematch of OH VS PWC

  10. Jake Whichs the Best Fair Play War Family in ur opinion?

  11. fuck u nazi fp

  12. Hello Jake , I'm actually searching for a TH 9 DE farm base . . .
    Did yours works well ?

  13. Glad to see more and more th10 content with every war recap. Thanks!

  14. Solid vid Jake. Keep it up!

  15. In any th10 hog attack, I've rarely ever seen someone doing a surgical. Why do people at th10 prefer spam instead of surgical?

  16. Town hall 10s will hopefully learn eventually to put the air defenses deeper into the base so they can't be queen walked. Even some anti-3 bases don't do that, which really helps the attacker.

  17. 2 Stars "Always Lose"

    Thanks for another great video Jake!

  18. Gj Jake!

  19. Good video like always ?