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OneHive War #290

Another round of awesome 3 star attacks from our latest war, plus a sneak peek at the war we have coming up! Hope you guys enjoy. Check out my Patreon …


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  1. Jake! Loved he video! You sounded like you had a lot of fun judging by the commentary! Haha

  2. Great video p

  3. Asap's attack was amazing, that Queen got so low…..I can't believe it

  4. what's up with some bases having the th separate from the queen and some bases have the th and AQ close to each other?

  5. nice vid i watch your lice streams on kamcord!

  6. c&c question or just for anyone who is reading.
    do you think that the anti 3 star bases are taking it to far? that they are sooo speciallised (rip spelling) on anti hogs and loons and this stuff that they are quit vounarabel (again rip spelling) to gowipe and gowiwi? most bases are so spread out and have these rectangular big conpartments.
    i try out bases i see on the vids, out of intrest (mostly from the cleanup episodes) and they get frequently 3 stared by gowipe. and im max th9.
    also the bases i built on my own. they may defent against a th10 gohog but will fail to hold of a th9 gowipe.

    i think a lot of the bases u face and fail could be 3 stared by a good planed gowipe.

    dont you think it would be at least a worth a try sometimes?

  7. My eyes will be on 'The Man'

  8. Have to say onehive has got the best th 9 attackers but there th 10,11 suck

  9. Sweet vid Jake!

  10. thumbs up for the sip of burr

  11. Nice video Jake, I always enjoy watching your video and your great attacks.

  12. "risk it to get the biscuit" – JAKE FROM ONEHIVE. ??

  13. Reddit Raiders will be streaming start of war if you want to check it out. Stream should go live around 5:00pm at war start.

  14. One thing I've noticed is that most queen walks I see lately drop the healers directly behind the queen at the start. Typically you should drop them the direction your queen is going to go, right? So they don't cut to close to the air defenses.

  15. hey jake, would you reccomend I ( as a th9 ) do my queen as fast as i can or do my royals together?

  16. Great video!