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OneHive War #291 Reddit Raiders

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  1. But do they mod tho

  2. are they modders ?????

  3. supercell has to fix the mismatches, im sick of their bullshit

  4. Why aren't you playing clash royale

  5. I feel your pain Jake we got a terrible matchup the other day to. We had 1 Th10 and 6 th9s and got a matchup with 3 th11s a th10 and 8 th9s. It didn't go well.

  6. The Man whos in RR is that man from patreon videos? :b

  7. that attack on the th10 was very similar to the death of a th10. its such a nice attack style

  8. Does every th9 have 30/39 and th10/ have 40/40 lol. Beast clan

  9. Has there been a video on zapquaking infernos at th10? If not we desperately need one, I was shocked to see the inferno go down to 2 zaps and 1 quake on the first attack there

  10. you always want to deploy hogs or loons in a circular motion right?

  11. Should I upgrade my inferno to lvl 3? All my other defenses are th9 except I have max ad and wiz tower.

  12. I still use keonij's war bases even tho they are outdated and dont have sweepers lol its just so shame that keo quit, he had such a brain for this game!

  13. RIP my base. Great war to everyone at OH!

  14. Greetings from Germany

  15. 4:45:'in these arranged wars' i think that's an error jake? ;)

  16. finally has th7 more balance

  17. Hey Jake ,
    I am Tarek from Peuerbach ( the guy who did a fresh hit 3star on your base ;D )
    This randok mtach is very unbalanced, we have one th11 more and u have 2 th9.5 more.
    At th9 our heroes are like baby's, our 33 has 10/10 your 33 has 25/25
    So… i or we thing a real match up will be nice. Dont know if u know that but it was planed that we matched Reddit Raiders xD
    Hf and gl for the th10s….

  18. rip Onehive

  19. We came into war with their feeder a couple of wars back ..they just rolled over us, they won in 4 star difference.

  20. 2 easy fixes to help balance war a th9 and th8: add 1 lvl 2 Xbow to th8 and 1 lvl 1 inferno to th9. They just added a third ad to help out th7 which is cool. Think those additions would help as well.

  21. blue proud used his queen charge attack

  22. Now cw vs Peuerbach :D

  23. with the addition of a third ad at th7 its probably gonna be tougher for a th7 to 3* th7 than a th8 to 3* a th8.

  24. woooo!

  25. I'm here early

  26. Second

  27. first

  28. 2nd

  29. First