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OneHive War #292 Peuerbach War

Despite the replays getting wiped, your boy Jake managed to pre-record some attacks for your viewing pleasure. Hope you guys enjoy. Check out my Patreon …


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  1. Pah-ya-bahkk (the hkk being the sound breathing out while having the back of your tongue on the roof of your mouth)

  2. Past few weeks I've been on and off with this game more than before. I still enjoy playing Clash, just not as much now. Still enjoy a bit of farming, can't complain with the loot, just this whole recent update and all the negativity it has brought to the game is just a joke. Anyway, I still have war… hopefully that won't get completely fooked up lawl

  3. 8th

  4. Wooo! Great recap Jake! Just a question, how was OneHive founded?

  5. last

  6. Way to go, got the win, was watching the "Binja Live" video this morning and was itching to find out the score. Congrats to all the members from OneHive!

  7. Hey jake

  8. 2nd

  9. hellooo!