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OneHive War #294

Some really nice TH10 and TH9 3 star action from our last war. Hope you guys enjoy the attacks. Check out my Patreon page and help support the channel as …


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  1. Hey jake, I'm a th9 pushing to Titan league. I just reached champion 1 but I've come across nothing but th10s and 11s. Any tips on how to hit these bases to keep pushing? If so what comp?

  2. All of the Queen Walks! <3

  3. Any other polaks watching this ? ;D

  4. what device do you use to perform your attacks on war? thx in advance

  5. Wheres the exodias war?

  6. Trying my first ever queen walk zap quake dragloon (deez nuts att)! Thanks for teaching me! I hope it goes well

  7. Rematch shud rematch rematch

  8. its my birthday

  9. Your videos have totally changed the way I attack. Thanks. Do you take membership fees or anything like that? I know you spend a lot of time bringing us this content. I would be glad to compensate you for your time.

  10. Jake- what do you do when you aren't warring since they basically took away farming

  11. Swag goblin by Alphadog ?

  12. You guys make TH10 3 stars look easy. Nice recap Jake!

  13. love the 3 stars … ???

  14. +Jake i love garske's attack! Just an interesting way to beat these internet bases us always very fun to watch!
    Thx for all the content!

  15. That name is familiar because it's a country jake. lol

  16. Master Weet's attack was awesome!

  17. I'm from germany . Very nice War 😉 and very nice attacks

  18. No VG content today? :(

  19. good luck to invictus facing crystal warrior!

  20. First

  21. shit