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OneHive War #304

We face an asian modding clan, so not much excitement in the war but still some really nice attacks from the boys at the Hive. Hope you enjoy. Check out my …


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  1. Jake, how did you find out that this clan mods?

  2. So sad to see these Chinese clan mod, ruins the game for everyone. Hopefully Supercell releases a fix on this in the next update

  3. Sucks losing man. Heads up onehive??hope supercell will ban modding very soon

  4. Are you making a video on the arranged war OHP vs Lethal Venom??

  5. jake do u think super cell might wake up? and do something about the moders … come on SC … oh i remember thy r not going to .. thr busy on the painted commercials. ..

  6. Fukin modders

  7. I'm early quick let me think of a joke

    OneHive is FP ???

  8. c&c question that just got into my mind. do you guys copy bases from modding clans sice they are all tested to the max?

  9. rip onehive

  10. ye

  11. Th 11 in a 6 war 6 star six atting th11s

  12. Great Video Jake! Love your commentary

  13. I'm early let me think of a joke

    Gowipe clans

  14. Second

  15. First