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OneHive War #305

A rough one for the Hive, but we will get back on track. In the mean time enjoy these very nice 3 star attacks. Check out my Patreon page and help support the …


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  1. Greetings from Berg's Army, you are fucking shit mate.

  2. ??#VeteranosHN FAIR.PLAY CLAN 69-6

  3. Khal Drogo attacks are awesome! Too bad he died

  4. Asian clans are no joke!

  5. Like these wars :)

  6. Haha yes bring the sip of beer back

  7. I've seen little skips in the videos lately. Is it just me or does it skip at around 7:12?

  8. Hey Jake a few question for you here. Who would you want to become president? Why? and if not any current candidates then what are you looking for in a president.

  9. Nice war

  10. Very Good attack lol … Heros

  11. Impressive.

  12. Jake what do you think is the best strategy for a th9 to 2 star a th11? Dragons? Great video as always!

  13. 4th!

  14. 4th!

  15. third

  16. awesome as usual. love these attacks.

  17. First!