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OneHive War #306

Some really nice 3 star hits from our arranged war this weekend. Hope you guys enjoy the Clash of Clans action. Check out my Patreon page and help support …


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  1. Give credit where credit is due. KCC is taking over COC. We whooped that a$$.

  2. a couple losses don't even compare to the amount of wins onehive has

  3. Hey Jake I'm a TH8.7 (TH8.5 but level 1 bows) I have all my point defences upgraded besides bows and 20/18 heroes should I upgrade my mortars or work on walls? I have 60 lavas so it might be more weight to do walls. PLEASE REPLY!!!

  4. i was about to sleep but i saw this new video

  5. Khal Drogo is the best player in your clan ! His attacks are awesome :o

  6. The collection of red lines is getting real :/

  7. And who says two stars win wars? ?

  8. Keep your heads high jake and to all of OH! My clan went through a a serious drought over 7 war loses in a row but we stuck with it and were back to winning. I know you guys will pull something and get back to winning. Never lose faith in OH!

  9. Was a nice war. Sad that we lost though. I'm kinda seeing a trend where you only show the top th9 attacks, while completly ignoring the bottom half of the map, where there's a lot of good attacks aswell.

  10. Win or lose I enjoy your recaps anyways :)

  11. 13:31 that's basically what some clans we face sometimes do, Gowipe or Gowiwi with some back-end balloons or hogs, and they three stared my freaking base that I spent an hour designing it!

  12. nice video !

  13. Happines is seeing a new video from OneHive when you've came home from school

  14. hellll yess

  15. lol a Swag king! Incredible attack by Snip and Khal Drogo!

  16. movin on to th9 action….aaaaand i´m out

  17. kkgo

  18. Are you planning on doing an arranged war with big YouTuber clans anytime soon??

  19. :0 omg :0

  20. boaaaa