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OneHive War #307

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  1. your thoughts on the new update for war clans?

  2. most of these guys here have no idea what it takes to win vs a fair play clan when its random its hardly ever fair because usually the team with the townhall advantage usually wins if they are really good and both are high level fp, in my opinion if this war was arranged onehive would have won for the simple reason they almost won even with the townhall disadvantage and their th9s were cleared and the th10s did not have to dip down like the opposing clan

  3. Our clan has been seeing the crazy match-ups when we put in our heavy weighted max TH9s also. It always seems we are at a TH10/11 disadvantage. Last war was 4 TH11s and 2 TH10s versus our 2 TH11s and 2 TH10s. Fortunate for us we were able to three star one of their 10's.

  4. Same here Jake, Getting wrecked lol. So many more th11s than our th10s matching us each war. Supercell needs to fix this.

  5. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Karam! Awesome charge and dragloon! Great vid Jakey – you'll be out of the rut with these mismatches soon.

  6. C&C Q: What do you think of the new clan war update that has been announced by SC and how will it affect clan wars?


  8. +Joe Mayne don't know how to comment back to u

  9. Man this Noah is the awesomest AQ walk ive ever seen, totally blown my mind when the healers switched right back to the queen after healing the golem that died, totally bad ass aq walk! so much patience and pure awesomeness! watch it full or go to 6:14

  10. We are facing same problem too. Before the update out th8 were able to take 3 star from their oppenets. After the uptade th8 become new th7 and its easy for everyone. New update killed your warring.

  11. i like OH but lately, im losing respect for you guys. stop talking about th disadvantages and all bro. you guys have hero advantages. you guys just need to step up. sc matched you guys with a clan with equal war weight. dont make yt a place to whinne about mismatches. but still….nice 3 stars from OH

  12. wtf if someone would have told me like 2 months ago that OH will loose 4 clan wars in a row I would have done a drug test on him

  13. we want a fucking th10 attacks

  14. the one with queen walk and dragons and 4 rages could have swagged 4 rages.. unfortunately he didnt. but he could

  15. The last attack was like the biggest swag of all time 

  16. stop whining about town hall disadvantage and get your shit together

  17. WHF2 beat these guys by 5 stars but you couldn't…there is no excuse to that Jake!

  18. love the way jake tells us on the start how they have more th11 and all but never mentions how they had many 9.5s and onehive had full 10s only mentions it when he's showing their attacks

  19. wtf if someone would have told me like 2 months ago that OH will loose 4 clan wars in a row I would have done a drug test on him

  20. karam is a cheater

  21. once all the modders either left or got kicked, OH doesnt have the juice to pull off wins anymore..

  22. How does WH2 beat House of EL, and OneHive don't?

  23. wow rip onehive! based on earlier videos I assumed this was gonna be a win

  24. ditch the th11s/th10s. We roll with th9s, th8s, and th7s, and never lose XD

  25. ditch the th11s/th10s. We roll with th9s, th8s, and th7s, and never lose XD

  26. So…… We did have 2 extra 11's, both had no eagle, one had no infernos, OneHive had a total th weight advantage of 28,000, and OneHive had a total hero advantage of 247 levels. Got nothing but love for OH but just don't want anything diminishing our win. LLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

  27. waiting for jakes vid on the clan wars thingy

  28. Yeah we just matched 8 th11s and 5 th10s with our 1 th11 and 5 th10s

  29. Seems like y'all ain't the best. Lots of clans are better. I can't understand the hype towards onehive.

  30. hey jake i think this is a wake up call to drop vain glory and start focusing your full attention to clash of clans. 4 red lines is unacceptable and you need to fix it asap. good luck.

  31. Jake why not go TH10? Powerbang went 10 already, I think he had a good point, TH9s in wars don't matter any more.

  32. Id love to hear your view on the new clan war update from the information so far, keep it up bro

  33. Hey Jake! Did you hear about the new update? It's all about balancing the wars so thats great! I hope you talk about it and maybe say your thoughts?

  34. Upgrade to th10 jake

  35. Clash RoyaLe )

  36. This war was a ton of fun. 3 staring 2 of their top TH9s is the highlight of my clash career.

  37. Supercell removing 35v35 and 45v45 wars

  38. Wonder why hero advantage for OH was never mentioned ?

  39. Onehive should start recruiting more th10s and 11s who can perform consistently in wars!

  40. I wonder if its possible that Supercell is rigging these matches in retaliation to Jake's rant videos, just a thought

  41. clash is so boring atm

  42. Jake wont u upgrade ur th now we wld love to see some th 10 attacks of urs…..

  43. You had around 250 hero lvl advantage bro lmao.

  44. And my heroes ?

  45. Nice vid Jake wish my clan would use 3 star strats but my walls are too low of a level to join a 3 star clan.

  46. EL is good clan, but they were lucky this time, LLLLLLLLL

  47. Jake, could you make a war match making video, how to do arranged wars and so

  48. Rough days. Get the W next one. Break the red lines.