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OneHive War #309

Some really nice 3 star attacks from our latest war. Not sure what is up with the matchmaking lately but the curse continues. Hope you guys enjoy. Check out my …


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  1. Keep strong OneHive! This is a tough transition s people go to townhall 10!

  2. Hey OneHive guys! I'm wondering, how do i join your Clash Royale clan? I can't find anything on your web page, and nothing on your channel, so is there an application? How does that work?


  4. More Asian clans coming your way after the update!

  5. Wdf how did the defending queen get drawn that far away from her stand on Noah's attack

  6. Khal drogo's army comp is my farming comp when i was bored with SQ lol

  7. Dafuq did I just see? In the first attack how did that defending queen get so far away from her platform?

  8. Oohh Jake going to TH10

  9. you been taking them L's

  10. damn this is the worst losing streak you guys ever had

  11. i think they need to buff the xbox to balance th9 i have a suggestion that to increase the damage from xbow th longer it is locked on a target like a single target inferno

  12. I just don't believe Jake is such a whiny bitch. If you go back a BUNCH
    of wars ago he was complaining about easy matchups.
     "Why dont Supercell do something about our matchups?!?!!?" whining, whining, whining…….
    And NOW,,,, When he gets real competition guess what? He is WHINING AGAIN?!!??! LIKE WTH!!!!111!

  13. Doing your best to help "us" suck less??? Really? How about you win a war before you tell us we suck lol

  14. Christmashive

  15. For those of you watching this, and the most recent "death of a th10" video, please note:

    1. the th10 in death of a th10 rented 2 inferno and 1 xbow
    2. the th11 above at about 14 minutes retned an eagle, 2 inferno, and 1 xbow. For perspective, thats 21 million gold worth of rentals or about 30-50 bucks worth of rentals, lol.

    I guess that really is a thing people do, the clan I warred in for so long saw it only pretty rarely.

  16. current war is pretty even, we have more th11s than u but you have more th10s than us it's like 9 11/10's to our 7 11/10's. I'm from Reddit alchemy btw, gl hf

  17. Damn hope you get well soon jake. Your voice sounds so bad atm :O

  18. Jake, hold your head up.  Losing isn't fun, but everyone looks up to you guys and likely treats the matchup like their Super Bowl.  you guys are still amazing and everyone's favorite FPC.

  19. we ve been missmatched also quit alot recently.

  20. Any tips for recruiting? We usually try to get members from global but we've been really struggling to get new members

  21. Any hardcore th9 war clans recruiting? If so plz reply with clan name.

  22. anotha one

  23. we got mis matched in last war aswel . opponent had 2 th11, 6 th10, 10 th9 and 7 th8 we had 5 th10, 8 th9 and 12 th8….

  24. what happened to all of ur regular clashers like Megan, cheatum Noah where r all the super stars asap???

  25. The war matchmaking algorithm is like if you have a 10k th9 and 100k th11, and there is a clan with 50k th9 and 60k th10, the war will happen because both are summed up to 110k, which is why match making is sucking ass lately

  26. SC simple hate OH 😀 keep it on!

  27. 6 straight?

  28. Uploaded 13 minutes ago… 13 comments. ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED!!!

  29. onehive losing wars ????
    the end is near…

  30. Hope you all the better Jake and members of OneHive, being in ruts and bad SC matchmaking sucks.

  31. why the hell u people are outnumbered each time at th11? so harsh man :'(

  32. wtf at 2:40 look at that enemy queen man. how the eff..

  33. Supercell manipulates the matchmaking bc you criticize them too much. no jake love for supercell -> no wins for OH

  34. Hey Jake.! I'm regularly watch your COC videos.! I'm gonna suggest you to please arrange war with "Golden Goblins" its very high lvl good competitive war clan.! hope to see you guys facing them soon.! and keep up with your good work.! :)

  35. Can i get a small loan of 10 subscribers?

  36. ???

  37. Wooow

  38. 安安

  39. 1st