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OneHive War #310

Here is some 3 star attacks from our latest war. Hope you guys enjoy the action and get some ideas for your next attack. Check out my Patreon page and help …


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  1. I think Onehive are being hunted.

  2. maybe we all need to teach onehive to suck less xD

  3. Pentalaloon is soo good even with the queen in the middle of the base, around lvl 15 tho

  4. around 15:10 he says "Not that big a dildo"


    Jake:"Helping you guys suck less"

    Mate we dont suck like your clan does..

  6. Y'all can add another loss to OH's log, they're facing TTS. Hold this L, OneHive.

  7. maybe it's possible that supercell is doing something with your match ups..
    and some people here doesn't know that a single or two TH creates a big advantage/disadvantage..
    Great vid as always jake! ??????

  8. Number 13 base is like something in twiddla if i'm not mistaken.

  9. I'm disappointed Nate wasn't good enough to swag some spells :-(((

  10. AWESOME….i love super queen :x

  11. 15:10 dildo :)

  12. Cant wait for the update to fix these matchups! At least with your current losing streak you are going to be facing farming clans for a while! lol

  13. Why isn't OH recruiting th11? Would be a solution to the small mismatches. OH is gonna have a red warlog if you guys don't recruit higher th11s

  14. I don't like when onehive loses. many losts in a row! why is that?

  15. If you keep having a th11 disadvantage why not recruit more th11s???

  16. Not looking at the comments before the vid starts or the vid. Please be a win


  18. damn this is your 8th war loss streak! (including north remember) sux but you guyz will pull thru, but remember when you fall don't give up! learn from the mistakes, stand back up and you'll be stronger than b4 😉 but you guyz will come threw and can't wait to see this curse broken.

  19. That attack by hell is questionable. That's a ton of planning to make the queen get the second AD.

  20. You guyz again lost against north November an matched another war against the true sons Is chief Dave standing against u guyz

  21. That's a lot of losses :o

  22. dang lol

  23. Win or loose i still enjoy the recaps??

  24. Maybe supercell doesn't like your update reviews lololol I wouldn't put it past them to be the ones behind these "random matchups" lol

  25. We have 6, th10. (9.5) and we allways get mached up agains high level 9s… All of us have maxed out th9 defence and troops, so what the difference?? Everything is simular, but our th have alittle bit more hp.. Thats it! Omehive is crying alittle too much. But great clan overall:-))

  26. 14:5915:02 lmao

  27. this is the second time my clan has put with a clan with 4 th11s and we only have 1! And they arent even rushed!

  28. 0:17 unsubscribed

  29. what many dont see- 1 th11 with warden makes all the difference in the world at the lvl top war clans are competing. with the new update coming i can see that many th10s which aren't fully maxed will go directly to th10. upgrade the warden and witches and boom….

  30. some reddit clans mod…

  31. Juanhive should disband.

  32. What's the IGN of a Th10 the just recently left your clan like today or yesterday? Thanks

  33. wheres armando?

  34. Hey hood it's me viper

  35. cnc question: how many losses more till u turn to the dark side?

  36. Man fuck the noobs who are making fun of onehive for losing , first they are FPC second uneven matchups third i hope those noobs who are laughing to get matched with OH and get smashed

  37. I guess ur guys r gonna have to swing an arranged war to get something fair

  38. man this sucks for u guys I really think SC is messing with ur Match ups but great attack I love that 4 jump from diesel