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OneHive War #311

Some awesome TH9 and TH10 3 star action from our latest war. Hope you guys enjoy the attacks and I was also able to grab a death of a TH10 from this war, …


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  1. 14:45 that fucking pathing hoooly shit

  2. what is an arranged war an how do you arrange a war with a specific clan?

  3. #prayforonehive

  4. Jake I've been a subscriber since the very beginning… OneHive is just not a top level war clan anymore. In the past when OH had gotten mismatches before with 3 TH 10s to another clans 10 TH10s and still won. Now another clan has just 1 more TH11 then on white just can't compete. Love you buddy but if your TH10s can't 3 star then OH is not even close to being a top FP war clan anymore.

  5. Another loss coming as they got hunted by the tru sons

  6. My friends lvl 10 clan face Eagle Warrior lvl 10 , more th 11 , modders af , i hope they get reported

  7. Nice warlog :D

  8. hey jake what happened to onehive ? ive seen ur clan with only 8 of you there …

  9. I think supercell is punishing you for critiсizing them on earlier videos, they just adding 2 max 11th on yours total )

  10. The first attacker is a new th10 right ?? he seem like he have 6 spells

  11. Jake maybe it time to do a bit of spring cleaning, I know it's difficult to kick members out but you always say it to us. You need to look at your sister clans and start recruiting better attackers their or else this losing streak will never end

  12. nice vid!

    side note:
    Hello fellow clashers. Are you looking for a 24/7 fair-play war clan made up of 3 star experts? Then WTFBBQ is the right place for you. WTFBBQ is a level 10 clan that offers a unique environment of a hardcore 3 star war clan while having fun playing the game we love. WTFBBQ is a fit for any personality, whether you are the type of person to joke around on prep day before kicking ass on war day, or you want to go over attack plans with other members for hours. What unites all of us is our desire and ability to 3 star bases.

    About WTFBBQ

    WTFBBQ is a top fair-play war clan that is comprised of mostly of Town Hall 9s with 6-7 Town Hall 10s and a couple of Town Hall 8s (we usually run a 35v35 war). We have an outstanding war record of 256-40-5 and 150-6-2 in 2015. We are a proud member of Digital Warlords Associated, aka D.W.A., which is an alliance of 11 elite fair-play war clans that include FYSB, Spartans Legacy, and Warpocalypse. The main goal of WTFBBQ is to help each other improve.

    Application Process

    WTFBBQ does not have a lengthy application process, but we do require new members who do not yet meet the requirements below or are not yet proficient in 3 star attack strats to go to our feeder clan (WTFBBQ smoke) for a tryout and/or until the minimum requirements are met. In-game applications are allowed. However, if you demonstrate a noticeable inability to 3 star, you will be asked to temporarily join the feeder clan in order to work on your skills. WTFBBQ is only looking for consistent 3 star attackers on bases at or above their base level that meet the following requirements.

    Town Hall 8 Requirements

    Level 4 Hogs
    Level 5 Heal Spells
    Level 5+ Barbarian King

    Town Hall 8.5/Early Town Hall 9 Requirements

    Max Hogs, or level 2 Lava Hound and max Balloons
    Level 2+ Golem
    Level 10+Barbarian King, Level 5+ Archer Queen

    Mid Town Hall 9 Requirements

    Max Hogs, or level 2 Lava Hound and max Balloons
    Max Spells for Town Hall 9
    Level 3+ Golem
    Combined hero levels: 20+

    Max/Near Max Town Hall 9 Requirements

    Max Hogs, level 2 Lava Hound, and max Balloons
    Max Spells for Town Hall 9
    Level 4 Golem
    Max Witch
    Combined hero levels: 30+

    Please include your age, location, favorite attack strategy, and don't forget to mention that Otto sent you in the request message :)

  13. Hey, what need for participate some wars in OneHive? thx bro!

  14. #MoreVG

  15. Why aren't you doing arranged match ups? Won't they be fair then?

  16. good war log u got there ( ͡• ͜ʖ ͡• )

  17. why all the bad matchups? for every bad one we get we also get a verry ez one as well

  18. What happend with the red lines?

  19. Garske is a th9.5 tho. Great attack nonetheless

  20. C&C : why do people never use heal spells in golaloon/penta for the ballons? you say " the wizard tower can be trouble" but if you have a heal spell its all good. i understand you dont use them at TH10 because of the infernos but at TH9 there is no reason take rage and haste instead of heal and haste

  21. C&C question Or anyone with knowledge on base designs: Why don't th10s (mainly lower weight ones) take advantage of offset queen compartments?

  22. Must be tough Jake. ATB to you clan, happens! you guys are the best!

  23. Yalls war log is so bad….

  24. Even OH is having a bad time at wars… but fuck my clan, at least OH is trying

  25. holy shit just saw the war log :O

  26. be a man and go to th10

  27. I get about 5-6 star wars unless it is mismatched

  28. hey Jake can I join your clan I'm a new th9 that maxed their th8

  29. 69 thumbs up :-p.would want to change it to 70 but dont want to:)

  30. on my last attack i swaged 6 haste spells haha

  31. great video keep it up lol its weird to see onehive losing a bunch in a row

  32. #MoreVG

  33. onehive getting gangbanged ?

  34. OMG!

  35. i love super queen 😡 (y)

  36. WoooW

  37. Another one