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OneHive War #312

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  1. FINALLY! Clan War Match Making is explained – view the recent video on our channel for details. This can explain one hives red war log.

  2. Lol keep laughing at the modders??

  3. hahaha this is so great jake i was shocked when you were giving them so much praise for modding this was a great surprise

  4. Funniest video ever seen. Love you guys

  5. I didn't like this video, jake…

  6. please stop mocking at these guys. they probably had tons of assignments due next day and didnt have the time to practise 100 times. judging from the attacks, they probably on practised like 30 times?

  7. great video :D

  8. LOL this is brilliant

  9. I hope these modding clans have their bases deleted. Cheating in games is pathetic but cheating on a mobile game is just pitiful. Idk if it's just me but I feel like every modding clan is Asian lol. I see a Chinese Korean name Vietnamese it's like dam there is an 80% chance they're cheaters.

  10. That was deep.

  11. hahahahahahahah . but plz explain . why onehive did not continue attacking !! and why they made bad bases in this war ! ??

  12. at first i thought he was giving credit to these awful players. But after that i couldnt stop laughing ?

  13. I saw every single one of Jakes videos and this one is the best one by far! Best reaction he could possibly show

  14. man this is so sad. not just the video, but how this can happen to any of our clans.

  15. Love the music

  16. RIP OneHive War Log

  17. Hmmm im going to have to try that skull base. Seems rather op. 

  18. 2:00 I cracked up laughing when I saw the wall breakers come out of the clan castle GG hahahaha

  19. hahahahaha ;D

  20. Hi jake. C&C question. We r sick of modders so we've set up EWA. It's an elite war alliance created for us to competed against fair play clans. We are 12 clans strong at the moment and would very much like ur backing. My question is, will u join us/ give us ur backing to help erase the filth and compete fairly?

  21. so how can they "hunt" you? i mean how do they know when u start a war, how many participants, your cw weight etc…


  23. For sure those 3 attackers from TTS will leave from the clan for a while and spend a seconds or minutes to change thier names in game tahaha bail out mother father modders.

  24. One hell of a passive aggressive video. Jake FTW. xD