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OneHive War #313

Does the losing streak continue? Or do we start a new streak of green? Hope you guys enjoy the 3 star attacks. Check out my Patreon page and help support the …


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  1. yaaay Jake sounds so into it for this recap and sounds real happy. Great attacks Onehive and great vid Jake.

  2. So in your video you completely complain about how of a disadvantage your clan was, but don't even mention of how much of an edge your clan had on th9s with almost full heroes while the other clan had a th8 and many of the low th9s with lvl 15 heroes. Then to say they mod with no proof is completely unethical and bad sportsman ship. You guys won by luck too; 2 attacks on th10s were 98% and 99%. All I'm saying is say where credit is deserved and don't be a dick.

  3. Cant wait for your th10 series

  4. HAHAHAHA Jake, what the hell Qurain = "الحمدلله"
    That is an arabi. an word means. I am thankful to god here is how you spell it "Alhamdulilah" plz say the true name of him when he is attacking.

  5. you will be shicked soon lol # inferno….

  6. to that kid that said i wasnt going to be hating when they win a war well guess what im not hating but look at the percentage plus onehive had th advantage along with heroes they got lucky with that one star

  7. Nice win!!!!!! So happy for you guys!!

  8. Ahahaha, Jake that intro was hilarious! The curse is over!!

  9. I was really shicked that you didnt any thing about the level 4inferno and

  10. now do you think modding still requires skill. I mean if TTS beat you with mods and this clan could not – doesnt it mean TTS is more 'Skilled' than this clan ?

  11. Hi I'm from. New Zealand sup Aussie guy

  12. Aaaaaaaaaleluia…

  13. if one hive wins, we will win! xD

  14. You can pronounce a name in Arabic but not the ones in the coffee and clash questions lol

  15. Finally ?? Gj to onehive on the victory ??

  16. Lmao

  17. Lol it's like it is time! Then the music begins

  18. Hello Jake,

    I am part of Reddit Kilo, and the RAC. We are currently holding a 30vs30 war with participants from a lot of clans around the RAC. The war will end in a bit more than a day. I thought it might be cool if you would make a recap of the scrim and upload it. If you want to see some replays, just join "Hogs Squad" in a day or so.

    Would be sweet to see you over there!


  19. one of the best recaps in awhile. hell is my inspiration for being a th10.

  20. Eheh! That's a miracle! Keep up the good work ;)

  21. Lolol nice!

  22. YAAYYYY!

  23. Finally ??

  24. FINALLY A WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. that freeze spell by hell at 8:40 was money

  26. Hahaha jack, good job on that intro! Congrats for the win!

  27. Sub to my channel

  28. lol

  29. Thierry

  30. :)

  31. loool that beginning.