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OneHive War #314 War & Glory

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  1. So, four single bombs and offset queen = mass hog attack

  2. So…3 min for th9 doesn't make a difference, because it looks like more hogs attacks

  3. darn that 1st attack was very suspect. for a 1st hit and knowing where that trap tesla and giant bombs were? very very very suspect attack ??

  4. Where's cheetum?!

  5. Mods are patched!! WOOOOOOOOOO

  6. Was Arthuro's attack a cleanup? As a 1st hit, that looks suspicious.

  7. I saw a few bases with only single bombs in this video. is there a reason for that? why no double bombs? it just seems to make hogs easier

  8. When are you going to show Warrens attacks? he was in my clan before he went to OH

  9. well, queenwalk does not work anymore ???

  10. watching this when I get home from school

  11. Jake any problems finding a war? We have been searching for 16 hours!

  12. you said that was first attack on that base by snip alumni. there is no way he knew that troll tesla with double bomb was there if you guys aren't modding…..  interesting???

  13. this balance change is going to give us a lot of 99% woooooooot

  14. CaC: now as valks lvl 5 exist do you think a cc with max valks instead of a max golem will be used in govaho raids on th9?

  15. WTF is up with the pathing of that wizard on the left hand side at 18:20??

  16. I was excited for some th10 action.. hopefully next war

  17. Wow the update dropped yesterday morning. Jake, when did you record all these attacks?

  18. Valks gone crazy after update, i 3starred a base in no time… 2 rage and they finished up the center in like 5 seconds lol

  19. nice attacks realy ..good job

  20. Thanks for the awesome war!

  21. jake I don't know if you've seen it, but lvl 5 valks are extremely powerful at 10. My clan mate used them in our current war and got a 98% 2 star fresh hit, after experimenting in multiplayer with comps of course, but he found a comp that's really effective and we are currently watching replays trying to see if there is anything we could tweak for consistent 3 stars.

  22. Too much th9 action on this channel…. Th9 is old news

  23. why you didn't share th10 3stars attacks?????? because there is no xmod after the update? your clan is modders also so you deserve lossing in war faggots ???

  24. #MOREVG, still love the coc content, but more vg would be nice :]

  25. eR ly

  26. I see that valk+healer / queen+healer everywhere lately I wonder if it's still good without the extra 30 seconds

  27. great one love watching these ones too 😛 thouh i loved the funnelin 101 the most from all of the playlist you have done :P

  28. notification ninja!