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OneHive War #315

A selection of 3 star attacks from our latest war including several TH10 3 stars. Hope you guys enjoy the Clash of Clans action. Check out my Patreon page and …


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  1. My first post update attack was a 99% 2 star with just the dark spell factory left

  2. 10:40 kings holding hands?

  3. love these videos! catching up on missed work and GCSE mock exams after being ill :(

  4. Jake how long did this war take you to find? Ours took over a day

  5. The big question: Is th10 "there" yet?

  6. Supercell doesn't know balance. TH10 was ridiculously difficult before the update, now it's as bad as poison+30s TH9

  7. they should nerf valks as well

  8. keep the war recaps coming

  9. I see this update is working in Onehive's favor. btw just bringing this up, am I the only one here who looks up to jake?

  10. RUSSIA NOMBER 1 in the world

  11. How does he know the queen walk will be nerfed?

  12. Lol its pronounced Saratov , its a city in Russia

  13. Do you think clash is dead

  14. AQ walk has been nerfed by 20%. Won't be able to rely on the Queen walk being that OP anymore.

  15. did anyone notice that the zapquake on 3:44 took out not just the AD and inferno but also the clan castle? that was a great strategy there

  16. what is this healer buff? Never heard of it or read it

  17. Pero had full health heroes at the end of a TH10 attack? Could there finally be balance in the land?

  18. congratulations on hitting Lv 10 clan

  19. In a war my mirror is a max th9 do you recommend goho or go wipe?

  20. First

  21. Wasssuuuupp