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OneHive War #316

Another rough one at the hive but not do to a bad performance. An awesome selection of 3 star attacks after SC wiped a lot of the replays. Hope you guys enjoy.


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  1. Anyone else find it odd that Supercell didnt do an easter event like last year. I understand most people dont celebrate Easter, but last year they made commercials with easter themes as well as gave us a 1 gem boost I believe…

  2. Nice!

  3. havent been around in a little bit, how long has Jake been a 9.5? working well?

  4. Do you think SC will bring back extra 30 sec for TH10 and TH11? Also the 35 v 35 war they should put it back.

  5. Another closet modding clan.

  6. Jake I love you're videos and it has helped me a lot. but that extra 30 seconds really helped me in th 10 three stars but mostly from you they changed it quoting "for war community" please address or make a video telling supercell to bring it back, thanks and great videos

  7. Khal vs Khal Drogo

  8. honey valks dont care!!!

  9. lol idk about heroes and their weighting but we got matched up in our last war with Emphatic Elite. Almost all their th9s had heroes above lvl 25 while my clan averages around lvl 15 (Our highest th9 has lvl20 heroes). Mind you we would of gotten destroyed even if we had the same lvl heroes but still a weird match-up. Hopefully they will figure the matchmaking out soon but at least we get to see some high level attacks by you guys. Keep up the hard work.

  10. Jake, since the the posion spell has been basically neffed do you think putting archers in Th8 and 9 war castles is better than drags? Since 1 hog can't pull them all out?

  11. Don't you have to have high lvl heroes to join? Lol if you're looking for some scrubs…..I'm a free agent hahahaha jk. Hopefully you guys catch a break

  12. I think the main reason people don't put lvl 6 hogs in cc for attacks is because most people, espescially against good bases, surgical their hogs and rarely deploy 6 in one place

  13. th 9 members of onehive are awesome, th 10 and 11s suck, boot em get new good members

  14. C&C Question (or just a response would be cool): Does this mean that if we are a lower end th9 we have a better chance at getting in if we apply now?

  15. Your clan has lost it jake

  16. Sweg

  17. Pretty cool that u mentioned putting hogs in cc 🙂 my leader made everyone do that right after update 🙂 hogs or valks or witches is all we donate in now :)

  18. Can a good 3 star attacker (preferably better than me which is not that hard to do) explain me how my anti 3 star base holds of hogs, goho, dragons and other th 8 and 9 3 star attacks (i am a th 8.5 do th 8 and 9 people attack me) but gets 3 starred by a 2 golem, 2 pekka 35 wizard GoWiPe? I am very confused, but my base seems to win versus 3 star attackers but i get fresh hit 3 starred every war versus GoWiPers!

  19. Props to Storm Factory and props to OneHive. I really enjoy the more competitive ones between names we all know

  20. hi jake nice recap 🙂 not sure about the hogs in the cc. the problem i see with hogs in the cc are springtraps. imagine you send your hogs in, they do what hogs do 😀 detroy a def-building go to another one and there is a springtrap. you could lose up to 3 hogs. not sure if it is worth it 🙂 imo its not a good trade. on a cleanup attack, things are definiteley diffrent, especially when you know where all the traps are. happy easter & happy clashing ;)

  21. onehive has always been cautious of heroes i guess its time u change ur policy

  22. jale u need to drop some of ur max th9s for low lvl heroes to balance

  23. Why doesn't onehive just recruit more 11's?

  24. Get a mini that in theresince the this have spare attacks the that won't need to attack and could lure a cc

  25. Hey guys, what do you think of always bringing max valks in the cc because you don't have max valks. GoVaHo vs. Th10 (only problem is you can bring only 4)