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OneHive War #317

Was a boring war for us but still grabbed some nice TH10 3 star attacks. Hope you guys enjoy and don’t worry, the next war is better! Check out my Patreon page …


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  1. Hey Jake, just letting you know that thanks to you and your channel I just got my 500th War Star.
    Keep making us suck less !

  2. C&C Question: Hey Jake, I love your Videos keep up your good work! My Question: Do you think that the Bowler will ever be a popular or succesfull troop in War?

  3. Playing CR I see lol. Admit it you like it!

  4. hey jake! im going to th10 one week, id love if you upload videos on how you plan your attacks to other th10, im 100% fp and i really want to learn how to 3 star th10, even if you fail your attack, youd give us an idea of how to plan those attacks…

  5. Actually I am interested in these low attacks because that are the bases I come across.

  6. man that chat notifcation always gets me! haha. keep up the great videos jake / onehive!

  7. Master Weet had so many hiccups and he still got the 3, awesome!

  8. I thought war matching was supposed to be better, yesterday we got grossly mismatched in a 30-30 war..we have 9 th10s, 11 th9s, 9 th8s and one th7, they have 11 th11s, 9 th10s, 7 th9s, and 3 th8s..I am a th9 with 17-15 heroes, all else maxed but walls, and I am matched up against a th11 with30-29 heroes, lev1 eagle art. lev5 warden..wth..GLITCH or what gives..way unfair..we are a good war clan and first time we just basically gave in as so mismatched.

  9. Thx for the Sub Jake and for the video.

  10. 3:10 twitching Queen

  11. lvl 1 infernos on the last attack jake ?

  12. why do I find it easier to 3 star anti 3 bases rather than anti 2 star bases?

  13. loons arent going away, its just that there's this hype around hogs and valks because they're new.

  14. You gotta walk from the south on that #1 base

  15. Hall11 max dame vs Hall10 :)

  16. I don't understand why you hate showing us bad base designs. Most of us have to attack those bases so it's not a bad thing to show them.

  17. Wat do you make of the new bowler? Do you think it can ever be competitive?

  18. Great Attackers ???

  19. you are awesome jake but we need more ?

  20. Hello early viewers

  21. 3rd

  22. .FIRST

  23. anakan mo ako