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OneHive War #320

Some very nice 3 star attacks from our latest war plus a sneak peak of a very tough war we have coming up next! Hope you guys enjoy the Clash of Clans action!


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  1. 100 recaps away!

  2. FYSB is going to get a lot of triples I bet lol. gl

  3. o

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  5. Yo

  6. That's stupid. 3 town hall 11s vs 6. WTF?

  7. Hi Jake. I am a supporter, not a patreon. Thanks to lovely old Zuma the rand vs dollar is just ridiculous so I simply cant consider funding you. Anyway, having been loyal and watched to the end may I suggest you do your shout out at the START of the vid? Poor old Stingray only got love from the die-hards like myself! lol

  8. WOW FYSB! Good luck!

  9. Jake I know this doesn't involve the war community but what are your thoughts on the drama between ZaiZoe and Harry?

  10. Did cheetum leave for war whales?

  11. clash of clans is not fun anymore…

  12. Can't wait to see the next recap Jake! please share as many replays as you can I'm looking forward to a 30-40 min video lol! ?

  13. 0:17 jake is a pschyco lol

  14. Lol Jake xD You in the clan chat – " Yo o o o o o o o" Haha

  15. first