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OneHive War #321

Some awesome 3 star attacks from our latest war with FYSB which was a random matchup. Good job to everyone on both sides and hope you guys enjoy the …


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  1. aaaand back to normal..

  2. C&C question- this is nothing against onehive or your vids, but I think it's a shame that the bowler hasn't been used yet in any strategy and we're still watching the same stuff (which I love). In my opinion this has been the lowest amount of fuss been made over a new troop ever in the game since it began. Would you agree and how would you nerf the bowler?

  3. Silly, 3-6 defosit

  4. Bella makes bacon is such a noob, she had wb in her cc??

  5. Maybe you should consider finally making an HGH guide. I remember back a year or so ago when you said you wanted to make an HGH video but just didn't have enough people doing it to really make a good guide. But now, it seems much more prevalent.

  6. The way you said "I love it" at 11:04 lmao

  7. 11:03– I luvvv it?

  8. Nice!

  9. Lol the spring trap at 5:40

  10. coffee and clash…
    Do you watch any youtubers besides clash youtubers, and what are your favourite shows?

  11. that khal drogo guy is a beast…heard he also does a mass minion attack he calls "despicable me"

  12. The stream was very enjoyable Jake
    Great content :)

  13. Jake is it possible for you to upload a vid on YouTube when you're streaming? A lot more will tune in like yesterday's stream

  14. OneHive back at it again with the red

  15. first

  16. Why did they request you not to show the other 2 th10 3 stars?

  17. wow episode 321, we have liftoff!

  18. PLEASE, keep putting stream announcements on here so we don't miss the streams. It can just be a 10s JPG saying 'Now Streaming!' Thumb up so he see this!

  19. First one to say FIRST!

  20. 2.:)

  21. Not gonna say it