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OneHive War #323

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  1. Hey Jake, great video as always! I'm here from the clan PTSD Grunts, 184 wins, lvl9 clan. We are looking for high lvl th9's who are looking for a clan. If you are interested, you can request to join and say Frank sent me here. Thx

  2. Coffee and clash question: Jake, what do you think about Clash with Cam's decision to stop making clash videos? Because he is right, the game is getting boring and SC's lack of new content is driving people away. Would love to here your opinion.

  3. Coffee and Clash:: I really need to grind my heroes to 25/25 (currently 20/15) but I dont want to spend money and I am having trouble getting de as a th9. Any suggestions along with a compo.? Love the vids as they teach me a lot and make me a better attacker. THX!

  4. Nice attacks once again!

  5. Slars from Zod here. Thanks Jake and Onehive for the fun war. Much love from us to you for the challenge and all the strategy videos. Hoal Zod!

  6. COffee and Clash: How do you feel on the possibility that Clash with Cam may leave the clash community. He posted a video, explaining how he believes that Clash has nothing new, and how it's getting repetitive. Would love to hear your thoughts, as Cam has over 1 million subs.

  7. Anyne looking for a impressive war clan??

  8. Went pretty smooth for a fresh hit :D


  10. Anyone know how to get an arranged war with OH? I'm leader of an almost lvl 8 clan, 101 wins and steak of 10. Got all TH levels and been inside top 200 of UK with Legend and Titan league players! Add me on line – Woodsie3110 if your interested in having an arranged war with my clan – True Mini

  11. i feel like you get so much more Informative everyday. I literally learn something every video and I've been watching you for almost 2 years.

  12. sadly cam switch coc,but it is ok.

  13. OneHive vs Hebrew Legends

  14. I three starred someone using your farming base once with superqueen and loons

  15. Was an awesome war we random matched you guys – one hive 2.0 and cold sept in 4 wars been an awesome time and yeah we would love to do an arranged re match sometime

  16. Jake what are your opinions on the 3.4 war community? I'm in it and people bash on me in global saying that there is no strategy involved and I'm using it for easy war stars. I think it's false what people say and I would love to hear your opinions on the 3.4 community.

  17. Hey Jake thanks for the war to all you over at OH it was exciting great job to both sides!

  18. Hey jake I'm from HOZ it was a really fun war against you guys. gl on your other wars

  19. 144 p :(

  20. What happened to all your th10?

  21. OH vs WW ever happening???

  22. hey Jake, I realy love your videos! I learn a lot from your channel! I am a sub from 100k :)