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OneHive War #325

A very nice selection of TH10 and TH9 3 stars from our latest war! Hope you guys enjoy the Clash war action. Check out my Patreon page and help support the …


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  1. Thanks for the nice recap Jake, enjoyed it.

  2. Clash with ed is talkin shit on u jake lol guess hes mad u have more subs and a better commentator ;)

  3. Appreciate ur clan war attack….but we know TH 11 can 3* TH 10s and TH 10 can 3* TH 9s… those e just waste of time…SORRY !!!✌?

  4. Taking notes

  5. awesome

  6. just had a fair play war and wasn't even fun everyone just used 4 heals and 18-20 valks. and everything was 3*

  7. Dude i really love your vids,but please can you take care of that video shaking (2:30). Its very iritanting and my eyes hurt. Keep it up!

  8. The modding clans are retiring? Lol wtf? They should all just uninstall their mods and make their war back to the good side and try out fair play once again

  9. Jake should have Jake on for a live attack. That wouldn't be confusing at all.

  10. I uploaded a th10 3 star with valks on my channel?? It would be greatly appreciated if you guys could check it out, and maybe even like ?

  11. Let those Valks do what they do best, which is just Spin around with that big axe..And they do it so quickly these days
    Wow look at that.. So fast.. ?

  12. Jake why do you still post th9 attacks? I don't think we need to watch them anymore, you've already posted hundereds of them. I never watch the th9 attacks anymore, boring & repetitive. Th10 attacks are awesome though. Just wondering, do you post th9 attacks for a longer video?

  13. Can anybody name a few of the clans jake mentioned that announced they are retiring?

  14. did you skip over master weet's raids?

  15. That other Jake from OneHive NEEDS to add an asterisk to his name or something, lol. I looked at OneHive in-game the other day and I was like, "WOAH, JAKE MAXED HIS GOLEMS AND QUEEN AND…even farming troops? Wait a sec…"

  16. To all the idiots who are saying "Modding is fixed." Supercell never realeased a patch for modding. You can still mod all you want to. The difference now is that if they actually catch you using 3rd party software, you're getting banned. Before they didn't care if you modded or not. Now they do care. This is still a step in the right direction. Understand now?

  17. You are a joke jake. You think sc can stop modding? Even if they actually do (big LOL).. OH will still lose to twc clans and u know it.

  18. Nice Ez Pz Lemon Squeezy Win…Good Vid per usual!

  19. this was a really nice recap. i even watched the th9 attacks and i usually leave before them because im a th10.

  20. Incase you didnt know, 16 hours after SC fixed modding, Nadis (iMod developer) has found a new way to Mod and so Modding is back

  21. Love your videos best CoC youtuber not like the others playing CR .

  22. "Small giant bomb"
    -Jake, 2016

  23. What happend to master weed :(

  24. Nadis fixed imod already

  25. Great attacks as always!

  26. My gf is waiting for me but you uploaded a vid..

    The hoe gotta wait