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OneHive War #326 TH10 3 Star Edition

Several TH10 3 star attacks for you guys to enjoy. Sorry to my TH9 guys, there really wasn’t anything to see here. Will hook you up next war! Hope you enjoy.


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  1. i like to kill potato nugget niggers

  2. valks are rocking each of coc's YouTube channels 0:)

  3. #NiceShirt Jake

  4. Sloffel did a wonderful job with his attack, well done!!!

  5. If only we still had those precious extra 30 seconds

  6. sloffel's atk! ?

  7. Wow excellent atk sloffels!

  8. Just WOW!

  9. Hey Jake, been here for a while (since 40k subs) just wanted to tell you great job on the vids!

  10. I'm so excited to see who is gonna be the first banned in OneHive

  11. First