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OneHive War #328 Storm’s Keep War

Here is an awesome selection of 3 star attacks from our latest arranged war with Storm’s Keep. Awesome job to both sides, hope you guys enjoy. Check out my …


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  1. Attack @ 9:53

    Delayed King so no ground troop in range of CC? Didn't see any troops come out before the dragons destoyed CC. Guess it was a lava hound?

  2. Never doubted OH is fairplay. Happy it wasn't full of closet modders, which this war proves! Nice war.

  3. Look at Auzzy completely overkillin a th10 base meanwhile i as a fresh 9 struggle to get a 3star 😀 cries quietly

  4. ASAP auzzauzzy was on vacation? a 2 week vacation by any chance? ive seen a lot of people latly which have had their handys stolen or didnt pay their phone company and therefore wont have regular internet access or need to take a break to study…. lol weird….

  5. Where is crispy crunch?

  6. man … just 26 valk and 3 valks cc smashed any th 9

  7. If you guys want a good laugh have a look at xmod/imod's facebook page… the amount of crying/complaining the modders are doing on FB is hilarious!

  8. MyNamesNotRick only brought 3 spells…

  9. easy base to 3star all th9

  10. Where's Hell? ??

  11. What do you guys think of the hackers such as berg and TGK around clash. The one ones who are trying to take down TWC. They have already been to two of my clans, hacking accounts in both clans

  12. Where's Hell?

  13. Jake, you featured.doofydork's attack already in the previous video LOL :P

  14. What happened to your "2 week break?" Lmao, ? Jake you troll. Great vid as always!

  15. Thanks for showing us air attacks, really needed them :)

  16. I'm here because I'm banned on Clash and have nothing else to do. My productivity is going to skyrocket over the next 2 weeks.

  17. asap auzzy's freeze was pure money.

  18. finnaly a good good attack thanks azap auzzy

  19. Doofydork fat fingered his haste spells lol

  20. I haven't seen any th11 3 stars from onehive yet, but in my old clan we had several max th11 that would 3 other max th11. it literally went from mass witch to mass valk, most of their army compositions would be I golem and a few wiz for the funnel and 28 or so valks. I don't know if we will ever see consistent 3 stars at th11 with put it being a spam attack.

  21. jake can u make a video on how to make afficient use of the amount of hogs in a th9 govaho because when i deploy 3 to a defence surgically i have very few hogs left and so much defences left.

  22. Auzzys attack was dope!

  23. Where is Master Veet and few others?

  24. We are going to have a war fr 200th win, we have 31 players any1 interested are welcome, we will do a 50vs50 war, th7, 8,9 are accepted. Clan tag #98guc2cg, war search will start within 7 hrs f this post.

  25. If his name's not Rick, what is it? These are the important questions. I request a guest appearance from him on a future video.

  26. C&C Question: why isnt govalalo a Thing like govaho is? Because the kill squad does the same thing for you

  27. Hey Jake. It was a pleasure warring against you guys. Some seriously tough bases and even more impressive attacks. Thanks for all the awesome content (Also, thanks for leaving out the TH10 three star on my base!). Hope to do this again soon.

  28. lolx

  29. 193rd

  30. hey jake, could you put up another base building video? since modding is being taken care of and th9 defenses are a bit buffed. also extra 30 seconds are removed so base building is relevant again. want to know your thoughts. thanks in advance!

  31. first!?