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OneHive War #329

A nice selection of both TH10 and TH9 3 star attacks from our latest war. Hope you guys enjoy. Check out my Patreon page and help support the channel as well …


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  1. I think I quit this game. Super Cell kinda killed it with th11 and made the game really boring. Very hard to find any loot at th10, upgrades are too expensive. The game just got boring.

  2. Right make but before you can't lie the attacks you were showing were on max 10s and looking very clean… The last vid you did on the clean up on Megan looked so sloppy, something I've never seen from her.. So idk you can't deny that but awesome vid non the less

  3. sad to see you turned into a pathetic gemmer instead of doing the work yourself.

  4. Bunch of "max th10s" with TH9 defenses getting tripled by 40/40s. Yawn.

  5. Jake be like "That th10 is just like a th9 with all max infernos, xbows, point defence, but low level heroes and walls".

  6. Hey Jake, I'm a member of OneHive Alpha. I was a member of Genesis originally, joining about a year ago. I was one of the founding members of Alpha and have been there for its 100+ wins in a row.

    Today a member of 1.0 made a message in our announcements (Duche). To be clear, 1.0 has never communicated to anyone in Alpha/Genesis besides leadership about anything. He said since we didn't remove Jelly for modding (which many of us members were confused about) + communication hasn't been good Alpha/Genesis are no longer a part of the family.

    I joined OneHive originally because of you. I even started an effort to make and maintain a OneHive subreddit but even after several hours of work my message to you directly in GroupMe about it was ignored.

    As someone that has spent over a year thinking I'm a part of the OneHive family I'm not feeling very welcomed right now. All I've done is strive for 3 star attacks since I was a TH8 in Genesis to a mid-TH9 in Alpha now. The fact that all 1.0 could give all of us members is a "hey your leadership messed up, we're removing you" is really sad. I've been loyal to OneHive for almost a full year but I'm tossed to the side without so much as a care in the world. Any further explanation would be awesome to hear because after ignoring OneHive 1.0 modding drama for months (Cheetum, Azap, etc.) and then the first hint of it in Genesis/Alpha gets us removed from the family is ridiculous in my opinion. I want to support and be in OneHive and have been for nearly a year, please help me continue doing so.

  7. Love it Jake? Keep up the good work

  8. Nice archer tower on that builder hut… Wow, you leaked the new troop, jake! Ahahahah (14:29 if you're wondering). Keep it up, man

  9. Anti 2's……. Not impressive ?

  10. LOL XD at 14:30 CrazyMovin is so crazy, he can deploy archer towers!

  11. is this reuploaded?

  12. both of bradys' bowler walk attacks got overlapped by three stars lol.

  13. I uploaded a th10 3 star with valks, check it out and maybe even like? ?

  14. I'm I the only one who really lost interest in coc sinds the release after royale? Used to play like 3 hours a day but it's getting very boring and now I only do my 2 war attacks and collect my pumps :/

  15. Great video Jake

  16. Very nice, Jake :)

  17. first