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OneHive War #330

A selection of awesome 3 star attacks from our latest Clash war! Hope you guys enjoy. Check out my Patreon page and help support the channel as well as get …


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  1. My guys say they cant download skitch again, what is the new meta for drawing apps?

  2. Sorry jake but if it takes a week to make 1, just 1 vainglory video, there is no fun watching it… Just stick to coc.
    Unsubscribed, but why would you give a crap, I'm just 1 in 110k

  3. jake we miss the th8 content

  4. Megan OP, please nerf

  5. Good work Jake

  6. Jake what is going on with VG?

  7. …no vg vids anymore….? :(:(:(

  8. The constant 15 second unskippable ads are really making me consider using ad block.

  9. What happened to vainglory Jake?!?!

  10. "beautiful attack by megan mo money. keep it up bro" i think that Megan is a woman jake. lol

  11. Jake, you should make some more vids w/your wife and her lower lvl account, they were fun

  12. Still pissed at the split.

    You've been togther since the begining, there was also suffiecent evidence to have a investgation on the person.

    Oh PR is drowning.

  13. but watching Genesis video makes this a lot clearer.

  14. I think it's actually a possitive aspect jake. that you sepperated from Genesis.
    there's a lot of weight on One Hive as in "are they modders?" which shows that taking risk ain't a solution.

  15. Veliki pozdrav za momke iz BBFL-a! ?

  16. hey jake you should play clash royale too.

  17. hi jake !:) so after alpha and genesis getting kicked from oh is there any clan for lower lvl hero th 9s to join ? I mean like 30 combined heroes or something ? :)

  18. onehive fam seems to be slowly fading do smthg!

  19. Firsty

  20. 1

  21. First