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OneHive War #331 OneHive Invicta

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  1. come on jake- nobody ever said modders invented all attack strategies. but u can't denie the fact that they invented 80 to 90 percent. especially the new tactics we all use like queencharge, m4x attack, new penta, mass valks etc etc came from modder clans. and if u think about it its only logic. they can test stuff much much faster, more often and without spending elix

  2. Lol damn. Ex family clan outplayed you on basic th9 level. A bit embarrassing indeed. Lost didnt u have an advantage. I see OHG do the same thing to you in the future.

  3. Why don't u share your attacks

  4. 5:20 "The Other White Jake" Actually not sure if white – haha – but great attack!

  5. "Base design"

  6. i like how you said not three starring the th9s was embarrassing….Really? dude welcome to reality where not all th9's get three starred. It happens, its nice to see even you guys dont always 3 star th9s. I think its more insulting you said it was embarrassing than anything else.

  7. I know OH is a Great War clan, that's a given, but if you're telling me that they didn't clear all th9 after mod update and you still think they didn't mod that's a BS. This happens in my clan too, we would clear all 9s and right after mod patch all of sudden they couldn't clean anything… It's just hard to not notice modders now, you can spot them in good clans and bad clans. I've seen OH clear everything before, but this time around they couldn't clear 9s? After mod patch? Hmmmm…

  8. That valk attack from asap was crazy. Holy moly, wiped out the rest of that base in what…a minute give or take ten or so seconds. Crazy. I consider myself a patient attacker but…idk I would have definitely started getting nervous about the time.

  9. These close wars are what war players play for. It's boring when we just rout the other crew.

  10. That was my clan that was supposed to match with Invicta! We also tried the weekend before and they mismatched with Spartans Legacy too :/

  11. Jake my man, thx for the love. Our guys rallied together like crazy for this I haven't had this much fun since 2.0 matched up with you guys. Lots of respect man. Tell asap Wiser says wassup hahah ? Thanks for the recap buddy, ours will be out tomorrow gave you guys some extra time to get through your SL war. Anytime you need an extra for some content I'm all ears man always looking for fresh stuff todo, I think we'd be a hit ? Much love and respect from OHLabs ❤??????

  12. After my old clan died because of clash royale, I am searching for a new clan. I'm a subscriber to this channel for a long time and I tried to use the tricks I got of your vids in my own attacks. It worked really well in the last few weeks, so I thought that I maybe could try to apply for a OneHive clan. I think that my heroes aren't high enough for 1.0 (k19 q20) but maybe I can join OneHive Prime. After your break up with OH genesis/alpha I couldn't find a way to apply for your clan on the website. Is there another way to contact one of your clan leaders to apply, or do I have to wait for the launch of the new website? I'm looking forward to be a part of your team.

    (I'm Dutch so please, don't judge me for some grammar mistakes)

  13. lmao if modders were never in the game laloon would never have been a thing so yes, modders did come up with jakes attacks…he put in a bowler lmao wow HUGE change!!!

  14. Jake I wanna show you an attack I did on a nearly maxed out TH 10 with high lvl heroes. I have puny lvl 20 and 25 heroes and I 3 starred it in 1 min 30 seconds. gotta come see

  15. that 2 star on th 9 cost u the war

  16. hey jake ! great video as always u do a fantastic job ! can u plz upload their th9 bases ? especially the ones that weren't 3 stars ?
    thnz a lot

  17. Did anyone place a swag poison on the cc from both sides? That would be a huge diss hahahaha

  18. who else thinks that supercell make their game worst after each update ….first coc nkw clash royale..

  19. mod being ban is really hurting OH

  20. That bowler was amazing.. How about the rightmost air defense? can it be taken out with a bowler?

  21. Man U stole our match but aye was a sick war. Congrats to both sides. Hope to maybe play u guys sometime

  22. onehive sub since 5kish, so I'm not trolling here, but is it coincidence that the 9s struggle all the sudden post fair play initiative by SC?

  23. What happened to Vainglory

  24. Lmaoooooooooooooooooooooooo.. mods away and Onehive cant even 3 star th9's ???

  25. Yo nice vid jake . I remember when you made your room tour vid and remember the deer you have killed

  26. Is Genesis and Alpha still removed from OneHive clans since 3 of them was ghosting bases?

  27. Wow when was the last time Onehive didnt clear the th9s?

  28. haha at the comment about Jakes attack??

  29. do you ever plan to use your old outro with the robot thingy?

  30. its been an honor warring with you guys. never thought i'll have the opportunity attacking onehive's bases. hope to see you again in the future! -valnifretzy27

  31. Hey Jake and 1.0! Thanks for an awesome war! Mad respect for your th10s and th11s, they bullied 8 th9s and still managed to secure the win, extremely impressive. I hope to meet you guys again with our main clan someday for an even better matchup! Best of luck in another tough war.
    -OH 2.0 Kadijk

  32. That's super lucky to get that match up

  33. We appreciate all of the coverage Jake. Great war!- pitino

  34. Boom! Liked! It was a nice war, but jake, don't attack number 29 out of the 30???

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