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OneHive War #332 Spartans Legacy

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  1. Hey Jake nice recap, just a quick tip that might help for your ppl that are using the valks (not that they really need it) but i've found that if you are trying to create a funnel with your troops send them near an opposing hero to agro them and the valks will flood that area, then simple drop the rage/heal and proceed. I've gotten plenty of 3 stars with this even with a golem in the Defending CC. Just a thought. Great vids keep them coming really liking all the th10 action now!

  2. Hi! Dont know if u remember but my clan War Addicts! have beaten yall, was wondering if u could hit me up on line for a word – line id steve_723

  3. I'd like to join OH fam… How do I go about it?

  4. I came in the last 15 mins of stream and got to see the last attack. was insane. looked as if he had it but everything went wrong last second. wish I would of caught more of it.

  5. Why are you more excited for fairplay wars if clans doing an arranged both claim fairplay, its like on the twitch stream you kept saying this is exciting again, but nothing should of changed for the fpc right?

  6. Great was to watch! Thanks for your optimism Jake.

  7. Let me think of a joke…

    OneHive using GoWi

  8. nice match!??

  9. glad to hear not just the words but the actual excitement in your voice about CoC again. been a long time sub and got to say the recaps were getting meh for me. the renewed excitement should be good for the game. hope it keeps me in it as I have been less enthused playing lately. keep it Jake, and thanks as always for helping me suck less.

  10. the stream was so much fun yesterday Jake, keep it up guys!

  11. Remember me from the stream? This war was so fun to watch ?????

  12. ASAP is a modder man like cmon

  13. Great to hear you talk about Coc like this again. So hyped and so excited, I really like it 🙂 Good Vid, keep it up and greatings fron germany :)

  14. That's a months old base style ITD used at 11 rearranged for th10 lol. So you would have seen it before the valk buff because it was made to separate ea and aq originally with a quad ground bow setup to screw with dives.

    Fantastic stuff regardless!

  15. If SC keeps banning people that mod then we will have a mod free world and keep the gamers that play hardcore with no mods hopefuly that is the direction this game is taking

  16. In Genesis we had four random match ups in a row with high level war clans. FYSB, WHF2 etc. And boy they were great wars. I know what you mean jake. Awesome times in clash rn! Also in genesis we have experts on the GoWiz attack. Its an awesome tool to have against "dead zone" bases.

  17. Do you like this feeling? Do you like hype in clan wars? Yes everyone like it. This is the reason why people joined the modding side, beacuse every single war could be like this or even better. Until SC won't ban ALL modders clan wars will be shit. Modders won't be confident modding, but on the other side fair-play won'r never be sure that all the FP community and and all their players are fair-play. If this game has a canche to reborn SC must ban every modder.The actual state of clash is the worst ever. By the way nice video jake. Greetings from Italy

  18. Yo how is Zefram doing? I know him, heard he dropped a fresh triple this war

  19. nice war jake

  20. Best video ever, Jake.

  21. nadis releases an update patching client side mod detection
    asap aussy gets a 6 star war

  22. When is another MrsJake episode coming!?

  23. So there's proof Auzzie didn't mod. Happy now guys?

  24. Was a fantastic war. So much hype all the war. Sadly i live in dk so i could not see the last few hours

  25. We were extremely hyped at SL as well, was very impressed with you guys, hopefully we can run it back sometime. Maybe next time you'll get that sweeper 😉 – Bruton 

  26. Amazing war Jake! We need to set up an arranged one some day.. I was dying at the end, it was so close!

  27. Anyone else loving this small update?

  28. Nice recap Jake. We just had an even closer one against WHF winning by 0.02%. State of the game is better than its ever been for war right now

  29. best war ever i caught the stream it was amazing ?

  30. Yeah was waiting for that lol…

  31. no "1st" comment yet?