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OneHive War #333

An epic 3 star selection from our most recent war. Hope you guys enjoy and be sure to be watching this weekend for details on our arranged war! Check out my …


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  1. jake is finally going to TH10 after a long stay at TH9

  2. I want to join your clan

  3. I was just about to go to sleep when this was uploaded, thanks for making stay up till midnight OneHive xD

  4. why you didn't play clash royal ?

  5. One more star for one hive would do the job better ;]

  6. I did notice in the last few videos that about half (or even more) the attacks shown here aren't "awesome" anymore. They are more like…"meh". I understand that OH members aren't attack gods, and that they do make mistakes just as everyone else. But a few weeks ago those "meh" attacks weren't shown in the Videos because they were enough "awesome" attacks to show. Could be because many members who pulled off several "awesome" attacks left. Just as an example: blueproud. His style, his troop combos were just awesome. I don't want to offend anybody at OH but this channel stands for "awesome" cw attacks and not for "meh" attacks. At least in my opinion. Hope it will get better soon.

    And pleaaase…don't come with the modding issue…

  7. hi jake could you make a recap of OHI vs WHF

  8. ??

  9. Notification squad unite!!