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OneHive War #334 Beer Goggles Part 2

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  1. no offense to OH, but they must have had a shit load of closet modern before the update. Nowadays they often can't even clear the 9s

  2. 1:00 you said you weren't in this war, but a Jake is #5 for OneHive and all 50 attacks were used…different Jake?

  3. My war clan is recruiting cirkl3 j3rkz

  4. who are the nerds always disliking? what is to dislike?

  5. You never show your attacks .why?

  6. Any one looking for a clan???

  7. First dislike

  8. Coc question= r new valks op?

  9. C&C Question: What do you think about a new dark spell which is like a heal spell but about the size of a poison and would only heal 50% less than a normal heal. Do you think that would be too op or is it a good idea?

  10. part…2? is there a part 1? or is part 1 the previous war with beer goggles a few months ago?

  11. lol for a sec I thought you were gonna do a raid with beer goggles, that would actually be funny to see


  13. ????????

  14. WOOO