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OneHive War #335

Some really nice 3 star attacks from our latest war for your viewing pleasure. Also be sure to come watch the stream later today at where I …


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  1. Jake the gowi attack is called an avalanche attack

  2. Who's hyped for BNP Vs One Hive Genesis?

  3. Guys when does the stream start? I hope it is EU friendly I'm getting hyped

  4. 4:40 That queen walk was simply awesome…

  5. duche's attack made me wanna kill my self i hate spam attacks

  6. SUb to me

  7. Hey Jake,
    How long from now for the stream? It's night here and I need to set an alarm to wake up for the stream!

  8. Jake, I would just like to say I'm unsubscribing. The reason is that most videos are war recaps, you seldom do live attacks, twiddla sessions, or some of the more interesting series. You also favor your patreons (on the channel, streams, c&c), which I understand, but it lessens the quality for everyone else. I think at this point OneHive labs and gazette are putting out better content. I will take my viewership there.

  9. shout out to doofydork, sick attack..

  10. The disliker didnt even watch the whole video

  11. ☁☁☁☁☁☁☁