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OneHive War #337 Dragonflower Round 3

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  1. Good game guys.

  2. Jojo is a horrible clan co leader and one of the main reasons I left chaos hammer. She kicked one dude out of the clan because he accidentally gave her a dragon in her cc request (non-war cc request). Not sure how I feel about these shout outs, but love the video and the content it brings as usual.

  3. Do you have a website for one hive? I've visited the alpha/Genesis website and the invicta/swarm website. Can you send a link please jake

  4. Dragon flower hold my L for me

  5. awesome man!!!! this clan is sooo good at three starring!! i wish i knew how to spam valks aswell :)

  6. "Onehive mods"
    After the huge fairplayshit of supercell onehive is raping clans while other clans just died. I love the fact that i can watch all of those attacks without a doubt.

  7. I've been watching your videos for a while and I want to tell you that your content is so much better than the other you tubers. No dumb all single unit raids and stuff like that. It's mature. Good stuff man.

  8. I was watching the stream last night. Don't know why there are only 58 attacks used in OneHive? Who missed their attack(s)? Great video Jake!

  9. “Ka boom" <3

  10. do u know about some xmoders in dragonflower? got 1 photo guys from this war 😉 Jake do u want that photo or u know about that ?

  11. Great war on both sides! Th9 is such a big part of the game again. I love it :)

  12. congratz to OH, and this is what happens if they dont mod

  13. Love it man! Sad I missed this stream!!

  14. I'm a TH9 who's been farming for a long time. I'm now looking to get started in war. I used to be good as a TH8, but I really have done nothing in regards to war at TH9. Where should I go to get some good practise/where should I start? Thanks for help in advance :-)

  15. i've heard they had th3s in the clan… nice win OneHive, very impressive

  16. when are you streaming, and where? i'd like to watch you

  17. Loved that dragon attack

  18. wow 1080P love it

  19. not first ??

  20. never clicked a video so fast in my life.

  21. green wall!

  22. second